Permanent Makeup

Before/After Care and Policy and instructions


You may not have this procedure if:

  • You are under 18 without written consent from a parent or legal guardian.

  • You get Keloid scars.

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

  • You have been on Accutane within (1) year. (consult your doctor)

  • You have irritation of the skin of any kind such as; blemishes, pimples, rash, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea or sunburn on the area of the procedure.

  • You are on Retin or Retinal. You must avoid use for 7 days before procedure and 30 days after.

  • You are diabetic (consult your doctor).

  • Undergoing chemo-therapy or radiation (consult your doctor).

  • You have a viral infection or disease (consult your doctor).

  • You have epilepsy (consult your doctor).

  • You have a pacemaker or major heart problems (consult your doctor).

  • You've had an organ transplant (consult your doctor). 

  • You have sickness (cold, flu, etc. will affect the healing process). Please reschedule.

  • You generally do not heal well and developed infections easily. 

Pre-Procedure Instructions:

  • NO guests allowed during appointment.

  • Do Not drink alcohol, soda, caffeine or other energy drinks 24 hours before your procedure.

  • Do Not take blood thinners (No aspirin, Coumadin, etc.), fish oils or vitamin E. This can cause a thin blood system. No exfoliation or acne treatments, sun exposure or tanning as well. These will also effect the outcome of the healed color 48 hours before your procedure.

  • Do Not have Botox 2 weeks before or after your procedure.

  • Do Not exercise on the day of your procedure, as this may open your pores.

  • Do Not wax or tint 3 days before your procedure.


  • Do Not shave your eyebrows.

  • If you use an eyebrow pencil or shadow, you are welcome to bring it with you.

  • We specialize in suitability. Your shape, color, and overall appearance will be determined upon you, your skin, bone structure, age and previous work.


  • Bring your contact case and or corrective glasses with you.

  • Bring sunglasses.

  • Removal of eyelash extensions 48+ hours prior to appointment is advised for upper eyeliner with eyelash replacement after 2 weeks.

  • Discontinue eyelash growth serums – minimum 14 days up to 4 weeks before and after procedure (Biology varies).

  • Driving is not advised for 8 hours.

  • Specialty eyeliners will be an additional fee of $50.


  • If you have ever in your life had a cold sore or fever blister, you will need to obtain an antiviral prescription medication from your dentist or doctor. (L-ysine is not sufficient).

  • It is best to have 1600 mg of anti-viral medication in your system the day of the procedure.

  • Begin this medication 3-7 days prior to appointment and continue for 7-10 days after.

  • If you do not have enough time to take this properly, please consult with us.

  • Over the counter products are not sufficient to avoid oral breakouts.

  • Lips tend to fade more than any other area, so please plan on at least one-two touch ups within your first year.

  • Colors are meant to be natural and changeable.  A more vibrant appearance can be achieved through touch ups. We advise against artificial colors and shapes.

Post Procedure Instructions:

  • *Note:  After care habits strongly affect your color and healing. Please read and follow instructions carefully.

  • Everyone has a slightly different experience when choosing permanent cosmetics.

  • Be prepared for your color to look very sharp when you leave.

  • Normal healing is from about 5-7 days.

  • After 10 days, regular use of sunscreen on appropriate areas is recommended to preserve color.

  • Drink lots of pure water – Water intake will assist in healing, swelling and comfort.

  • Cold packs can be used but please avoid direct ice/water.

  • Avoid the following for 5 days: water exposure, sun exposure, makeup, cleansers/products, sauna, pool, touching or irritation of any sort.

  • Do Not pick or scratch the area whatsoever.

  • Keep area hydrated with aftercare ointment provided. 

  • Flaking will happen over the course of a couple of days or all in one day. Please do not assist your skin in the flaking.

  • You should have a soft color remaining.

  • Your touch up will focus on any area in need depending on how your skin healed.

  • Please be patient with your permanent cosmetics as it is a progressive process.

  • Glycolic acid and face peel products must be kept away from pigmented areas as continued use could lighten color.

  • Laser procedures may darken or lighten pigmented area.

Digital (NANO) Eyebrow Aftercare instructions:


  • No water on the eyebrows for 6-7 days. When washing your face, clean around your brows. Please apply THIN LAYER of aftercare 3 times daily for 6 days

  • DO NOT apply any eyebrow make up or powder after treatment

  • NO heavy sweating, saunas or gym workouts until brows are healed

  • Eyebrows will begin to peel and fade after day 5, Please DO NOT peel brows off or pick dry skin. (The eyebrow area may be sensitive, itchy and patchy during the healing process)

  • The color intensity will decrease 30-40% during the peeling and healing process (please DO NOT  be alarmed, this is normal)

  • After day 7, you may resume all normal facial routines and apply make up 


Phase One

This phase lasts for the first few hours following the treatment. You may experience redness, swelling, skin sensitivity and oozing plasma (clear body fluid). These symptoms usually settle down within a few hours and should not last more than 24 hours. At this stage, eyebrows will look thicker and darker than the final result. *Its important to blot dry the oozing plasma

with a clean cotton ball on the first day, as it may cause thicker scabs that could affect color retention*

Phase Two

Your eyebrows will still look darker and thicker during the first four days following the digital brow procedure. You will begin to feel the treated area drying out. The upper layer of skin starts to build a scab preparing to flake off. *Moisturize your eyebrows 2-3 times per day with after care product provided. Be careful not to apply too much product*

Phase Three

This phase consists mainly of flaking and peeling off of the top layer of the treated area which usually starts at day 5 and lasts for 3-5 days. The top layer of skin should peel off in fine sections (if client is correctly following aftercare instructions) Please note, some skin types tend to prolong this phase. The eyebrows tend to be itchy during this phase, Do not scratch or pick. keep them moisturized and lightly tap if needed.

Phase Four

This phase is called the milky film and usually happens in the 2nd week after all peeling is complete. In this phase, brow color appears light, grayish and hair strokes seem cloudy and dull. This happens because a fine layer of dead skin is still covering the color underneath, but this will naturally flake away within a few days and the color starts to bloom.

Phase Five

This is the last phase of the healing process of your digital (nano) brows which usually lasts 3-6 weeks. In this stage, color becomes more vibrant and the hairline strokes look more clean and crisp. This is a very important phase for your skin to fully heal and repair itself. A minimal touchup session may be  needed for any patchy spots or fading. Correctly following aftercare instructions is key to optimal results. 


Permanent Makeup is almost always a two or more step process to achieve optimal results. During the healing process, the treated area is trying to heal and repair itself and the lymphatic system is trying to push out all external particles to prevent contamination. This explains why the color implanted the first time is not perfect after healing. In many cases, the area treated may fade unevenly, may be very pale or hairline strokes may not be visible. It takes AT LEAST 4 weeks for the skin cells to regenerate, settle in and pigment to reappear. *All skin is different and can respond differently during healing and retaining the pigment. 

Once the treated area is completely healed, any changes or additions that need to be made will be done at your touchup appointment. Proper care following your procedure will ensure the best results and your investment in YOU will bear long lasting, beautiful results. 



  • Prior to appointment, please removal all mascara, make-up and foundation around the eye area.


  • You may get eyelashes wet after application

  • Avoid hot steam sauna, tanning or swimming in the first 48 hrs

  • DO NOT curl lashes with a mechanical eyelash curler. This will break the bonds of the adhesive.

  • DO NOT use mascara. This will shorten the amount of time the lashes stay on

  • Avoid oil based/moisturizing facial cleansers, or with Glycol or Glycol acid on or around the eye area.

  • Avoid oil based facial products, creams or cleansers on or around the eye area

  • Be gentle with your lashes! Don’t pick or pull at them. Avoid rubbing eyes and sleeping on them. 

  • Brush lashes once or twice a day with your eyelash brush and a small amount of water to clean lashes and remove any dust or debris