We specialize in Softaps. This technique is guaranteed to give you the most natural-looking, longer lasting results.

We also specialize in Brow corrections including poor Microblading results and poorly shaped brows. 




Softaps (SofTap® brand permanent makeup) is patented needle configurations that are designed for comfort, efficiency, and pinpoint precision.                    

Softaps hand method is gentle, quiet, and is a great option for extra control with delicate work.

Using a hand tool, pigment is very gently tapped and/or etched onto the skin, depending on the desired results. 

This method is gentle, non-invasive, and gives clients the most natural look.

Softaps etches high definition hair strokes and soft Ombre' powder brows with a gentle touch. 

This method requires more precise work from the artist, is more gentle on the skin, heals quicker in most cases, lasts longer and is suitable for ALL skin types.




Micro blading is done by creating slices in the skin to resemble hairlines. This technique can more traumatizing and may have mild bleeding.

Micro blading will look its best in the first 3 days, hairline strokes will appear thin and crisp. After peeling, strokes will be thicker, more 

blurred and the color will appear more ashy. Complete healing takes up to 4-8 weeks and up to 3 touch up appointments may be needed for optimal results. Micro blading is better suited for normal skin types. 


If you've had previous micro-bladed or tattooed eyebrows, you will require correction work in addition to your Brow service. This includes color correction/modification, removal and shaping corrections. Please be sure to also book the brow correction service in addition to your brow service.