Eyebrow Micro-Blading Vs Digital Brows (Nano-Brows)

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Digital (Nano) Brows is the latest innovative procedure guaranteed to give you the most natural-looking, longer lasting results. Digital brows are done with a digital/rotary machine that moves an ultra thin needle up and down, depositing pigment into the skin. This method requires more precise work from the artist, deposits pigment deeper into the epidermis and heals quicker in most cases. This longer lasting method is suitable for ALL skin types. 

Micro blading is a technique done by a hand tool with a row of tiny needles gathered in a blade form, in which pigment is deposited by slicing the of skin. Pigment is deposited into the superficial epidermal layer and is better suited for normal to dry skin types. 


Digital brows are less traumatizing, have mild to no bleeding and less discomfort as the ultra fine needle smoothly penetrates the skin without cutting or slicing.


Micro blading is more traumatizing and has mild bleeding 

 as the technique relies on cutting/slicing the skin.


Digital brows will appear darker and thicker in the first 3 days (30-40% darker than the final result), after peeling, strokes become lighter and softer. The color heals less ashy and more close to natural eyebrow hair color. Complete healing takes up to 4-6 weeks. hairline strokes will appear thin and crisp similar to natural eyebrow hair. This procedure lasts longer and touch ups are less likely needed. 


Micro blading will look its best in the first 3 days, hairline strokes will appear thin and crisp. After peeling, strokes will be thicker, more blurred and the color will appear more ashy. Complete healing takes up to 4-6 weeks and up to 3 Touch up appointments may be needed for optimal results. 

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